Sunday, February 5, 2012

Plan for the next sailing season

Sorry for not keeping the blog up, but have not had much to say. I have been spending a lot of time working on my China book, it is going pretty well so far - about 75% done I would say. Have to start spending more time on the epublishing part of it now I think.

Below you will see our plan for the year+ following leaving Brisbane, likely in late April or early May. We have given a lot of thought to whether we should spend more time away or not, possibly going to Malaysia/Thailand or even to China, but we have decided to go a little faster since any alternate destination means at least one year more of travel.

Anyway, here it is is:

Planning for Brisbane Onward v 1.0

1. Brisbane to Cape Henrietta Maria - taking our time for Great Barrier Reef and Whitsundays

2. Cape Henrietta Maria to Darwin - go relatively quickly, eg directly across the Gulf of Carpenteria

3. Darwin Rally - Starts Jul 28th, but should arrive in Darwin by Jul 14th
-Darwin to Bali (multiple stops) 950 nm
- First stop is Kupang on Timor which is 420 nm
- Bali stop is Sept 23 -7

4. Bali to Christmas Island (may go directly to CK?)
- Bali to Christmas - 570 nm

5. Christmas to Cocos-Keeling
- Christmas to CK - 520 nm

5. Cocos Keeling to Mauritius
- stop in Rodriques?
- CK to M 2382nm

7. Mauritius to Durban (possible stop in Reunion) M to Reunion 128 nm; R to D 1446 nm; try to arrive in mid-November

8. Coastwise to Cape Town

9. Cape Town to St Helena go to Namibia? CT to St H 1693 nm

10. St Helena to Ascension and or Salvador/ Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
- St H to Ascension 697 nm
- St H to Salvador 1907 nm
- would want to arrive in Salvador for Carnival; note: Salvador Carnival 2013 starts Feb 7th for about 5 days

11. Brazil to Grenada - with various stops along the way; arrive late March?
- stops in Caribbean where we have not been or where we would like to go again e.g. Saba, Barbuda

12. in Caribbean - April/May

13. Caribbean to Bermuda late May to early June

14. Bermuda to NYC or Newport or Halifax - depart mid-June

15. to Nova Scotia (or stay in NYC for winter)

16. to Newfoundland

17. up the St Lawrence

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