Friday, October 1, 2010

Trouble in Ecuador - updated Oct 4

It is still more than three months until we are scheduled to be in Ecuador, but it is a little disquieting to hear today about the troubles in Ecuador. Depending on who you listen to it is either a violent labour dispute or an attempted coup. What is known is that police have rioted over the government's attempt to reduce the benefits they receive. The army is behind the president, who seems very popular and has a great deal of support from other Latin American countries. I suspect this will die down fairly quickly but you never know.

The picture is interesting since we are used to seeing police on one side of the line and rioters on the other (for example at G20 and WTO meetings). Here it is the police who are the rioters and ordinary citizens who are supporting the government and the president on the other.


Rhys said...
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Rhys said...

Hi June and Bruce. It was great having you two over for dinner last week...a perfect combination of education and fun. Bruce, we were astounded to hear of your successful eye surgery and we have every hope for you that it will be a permanent fix.

I hope you two have a nice trip down to the boat and a safe journey onward and outward. It's very inspiring to us, still mired in reconstruction and preparation, to hear from cruisers already "living the life"...even if today's job is stripping the sails and boom from my smaller boat in preparation for haul-out. We hope to continue to hear of your adventures (may they be largely of the benign variety) and hope to see you both sooner rather than later.

Please keep us in mind should you want crew...we can't guarantee availability, but we have more flexibility than most.

All the best, Marc

Lynn said...

Hiiii June and Bruce!!! I came back to Korea safe and sound and went back to normal life! How have you been? I told to my friend about you that day we met...and we wanted to have a dinner with you in Williamsburg but I didnt have your phone no.... well, Where are you now? still in FL? I envy of you! What a wopnderful life! Safe trip~ and hope to see you again in south Asia maybe Hongkong? I can go Hong Kong to see you :)we will see~:) Take care~~~ Love,