Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The weather

I have lots of catching up to do - I am not very reliable when it comes to keeping a blog it seems, but there is also the stuff that is happening now to talk about too. Oh, the complications!

Anyway, I have to talk a bit about JC weather in comparison to weather in the Toronto area. Before we decided to move on to the boat I checked climate stats and it seemed that in the winter average monthly temps here are about 6C warmer than Toronto. Not to get too climatic (rather than climactic), that seems like a reasonable estimate for what we have been experiencing. When it is -2C there it will be something like +4 here. I suspect that this is mainly because of the moderating effect of the ocean rather than latitudinal differences, although the latter likely does contribute a bit too.

The big news today is the enormous difference. I checked the weather in TO and it is -3 with lots of snow on the ground and more coming tonight. When I arrived at the library to get the internet, the temperature in JC was 21c! Of course there is no snow on the ground an there reall;y; has not been all winter -other than a few mm once or twice. There is a powerful cold front just north of New York City that will arrive only gradually. Even tomorrow it is to be something like 8C. We will get rain tonight - hopefully after June and I get back on the boat.

We have been really lucky with the weather. Several storms have hit just on the northern fringes of the NYC area but have missed us. Noreasters are the big winter storms around here - a low pressure area passes out to sea and the return counter-clockwise circulation can produce nasty storms. There have been a few of these that have nailed Boston but so far, not here.

Maybe next posting I will try to do some catching up or look at interesting things around here like politics and immigration.

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